Our executive team leads by example in business, at home, and in our community; that’s why they’ve built a company culture on a foundation of trust, accountability and dedication. As mentors and motivators who are both reliable and approachable, they work tirelessly to ensure the Phoenix Builders team is empowered to provide exceptional experiences for our clients. 


Tom Teschner

President & CEO

"Superior service upfront; completion dates met on time." These are two assurances that every construction company pledges, but as Tom says, the proof is in delivering on these promises.

With more than three decades of experience in the industry, Tom is known for his successful track record of client-focused service and delivering on time. Tom started Phoenix Builders along with his brother Mike in 1983, and continues to deliver on his promises with the same level of teamwork and commitment to service as he did over 30 years ago. 


Mike Teschner 

Executive Vice President & Secretary

Expanding on a family tradition, Mike not only is the co-founder of Phoenix Builders, but also oversees the company in-house painting operations of Teschner & Sons Painting. 

Having provided best-in-class painting and wall covering services for more than thirty years, Mike has the tools and resources to administer exceptional leadership to the Phoenix Builders team; spurring the company growth and development into the next three decades. 


Josh Hendryx 

Executive Vice President

As the Executive Vice President of Phoenix Builders, Josh brings a high level of experience, passion, and dedication to the company goals and direction, while managing overall strategy and operations. His 20 years of industry experience has yielded some of the largest, fastest and most technically complex projects throughout the country. 

When Josh says that Phoenix Builders does project planning and execution better than the competition, he has the personal experience and expertise to confidently make that claim.


DeAnne Bloomfield

Chief Financial Officer 

With 20 years in the construction industry - including Chief Financial Officer for a development company, general contractor, and subcontractors - DeAnne’s experience ranges across all aspects of CFO functionality; from accounting systems, to risk management, to leadership consulting.  

DeAnne’s experience and skills are critical to the effective financial management for Phoenix Builders clients, subcontractors, suppliers, and employees.


Dan Dickson 

Vice President

Dan leads Phoenix Builders' Restaurant and Retail Construction activities throughout the country. He leverages his 30+ years of experience in each project’s logistics planning, scheduling, document review, safety, and quality assurance and control.

Dan’s proactive approach and meticulous attention to detail have resulted in the successful delivery of some of the most technical and complex projects in North America.


Tom Shouf 

Chief Estimator

As Chief Estimator, Tom heads up the Phoenix Builders Pre-Construction Services and Operations Division. Tom has worked in the industry for more than three decades, including extensive project management and field leadership roles that formed the foundation of his pre-construction, estimating, and value engineering expertise.  

A thought leader, Tom has developed industry cost estimating tools as well as proprietary practices for tracking current market pricing conditions.


Brian Lee


As Vice President of Strategic Business Development, Brian provides superior business acumen to propel Phoenix Builders into a successful future. His 25+ years of facilities and construction experience has yielded large win-win contracts with many repeat clients.

With an MBA and a wealth of industry knowledge, Brian delivers opportunities matching Phoenix Builders’ strengths with client's needs.


Doug Dickson 

Vice President

Doug provides leadership and oversight for Phoenix Builders Carpentry Division’s day-to-day construction operations. With his extensive experience, Doug efficiently negotiates and administers contracts, supervises project carpentry staff and laborers, and - most valuable to Phoenix Builders clients -  monitors job costs and schedules to assure project completion on time and within budget.

For the past 33 years, Doug has worked on major new construction and renovation projects in the Chicagoland area.